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Bredow Law has over 23 years’ experience in the practice of law in Michigan’s state and federal courts and in the bankruptcy courts of Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. Bredow Law’s bankruptcy attorney has 18 years’ specialized experience in the practice of bankruptcy law, representing individual consumer debtors file for bankruptcy protection, representing the government’s interests maintaining fairness to debtors and creditors in bankruptcy, as part of the Chapter 13 Trustee's Program, and representing a wide variety of creditors, including small business owners, landlords, banks, mortgage companies, mortgage servicers, credit card companies, condominium associations, homeowner associations and many others. Our broad experience in all aspects of bankruptcy law gives us unique insight into the motivations of debtors, creditors and the Bankruptcy Trustee. When you are a Bredow Law client, we put our unique knowledge to work for you. Our lawyers provide the specialized experience and skill necessary to give the highest quality and most cost-effective representation.

As a small business, you work long hours & your margins are slim. When you don’t get paid it’s personal. When you need a demand letter or telephone campaign, a lawsuit and garnishment, or help in the bankruptcy court, Bredow Law has a solution at an affordable price.

Bankruptcy is not failure. Bankruptcy is an honest and ethical solution to crushing debt and its powerful protection against creditors and collectors. If you are struggling and debt collectors won’t give you a break, a well-executed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan may be your best solution.

You need a license to get or keep a job and driving without one will get you jail time. You may only get one chance each year to get it back, don’t waste your only chance. Bredow Law knows how to prepare you to successfully petition to have your driving privileges returned…the first time.

Our lawyers will review your credit report with you and will demand that the credit reporting agencies correct all errors, omissions and mistakes, or else. We review any lawsuits, judgments or garnishments filed against our clients and advise them of their defenses. We will call your creditors and if they won’t settle, we can fight in court on your behalf.

Are your affairs in order? Do you have a will? Where is your property going? Who will care for your children? Do you have a plan? Bredow Law attorneys will help create your estate plan. We will assist you prepare your family for when you are gone.

Landlord &Tenant disputes can be avoided if both the landlord and the tenant communicate is-sues and problems before a call to an attorney is needed. Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, if you are having a problem with your lease, please contact us with your landlord / tenant questions.

Mr. Bredow is an accomplished litigation, collection and bankruptcy attorney. He has trial and appellate litigation experience representing ordinary people, small business, creditors and Chapter 13 Trustees in all Michigan state, federal and bankruptcy courts. His professional legal experience together with his experience as an internal bank auditor and his financial education, give him a unique insight into the issues facing creditors and ordinary people. He is an experienced public speaker and has been a frequent panelist at local and national bankruptcy seminars and continuing legal education programs. He is an experienced public speaker and has been a frequent panelist at local and national bankruptcy seminars and continuing legal education programs.

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